6:00 PM

here it tis.

hahaha dont we all just love pez dispensers.

Are you a drama queen? do you freak out over nothing, well this is a list of Bad Things that can happen to you with a value of how bad it is.

Here is alist of books (banned books) you should read before you die.

Every searched for hours for the perfect desktop wallpaper only to come up empty? Well here is a website full of awesome backrounds and NO, no pop ups :) woo!

ok so these ppl find aol members through chat rooms im them and mess with their minds, i mean some of this shit is REALLY fucked up. I'm talking they have probably caused real psychological damage to ppl lmao. seriously.

And finally the weirdest buildings in the world :) enjoy

5:44 PM

cool things.

coming your way :)

So again i had another random wondering, and i decided to check if bacteria interact in a semi social way. turns out they talk to eachother! read more here.

And this is the funniest thing, its called musical statistics, its a picture of charts that represent songs, can you guess them all? lol .....yes cheesy but still fun and funny

This is a collection of pictures of the wildest craziest guitar designs, i mean these are REALLY WEIRD some are *DROOL* gorgeous . anyway let me put you all out of your misery. Click here yo.

99 things you SHOULD have seen on the internet.

cute little picture about the economic Bailout

8:01 AM

New schedule

So i got some advice from my master advice giver Manny. He suggest there be a reason to this madness and maybe a schedule put in place. Sooo.............after much thinking I've decided he's right, i should have some sort of schedule and so the blog will be updated Tuesdays and Fridays from now on. :) Enjoy my goslings.

Lets start off with some cool sciency shit. So one day i was wondering if the universe is round and spinning like they always show us, what direction do we spin in? Is there a way to measure this? And why the fuck am i even wondering this...my nerdyness sometimes knows no bounds but...thats ok, its an endearing quality. Ernie-way of COURSE someone had an Article about how the universe spins.

This is the coolest art medium i've come across in the last few months! Its tedious and just plain beautiful *sigh* art just can't be easy, but the end result is worth all the hammering (lol)

I died laughing when i saw this old 50's poster. I'm sure the text was added in through photoshop but its HILARIOUS.

So once you've decided to go over to the dark side (aka join the darth vader nerds....JK JK) What do you do then? Do you go around kicking toddlers and puppies? pushing old ladies in front of buses and forgetting to tip the waitress with 5 kids? WELLLLLLLLL here is the answer to all you questions this is a step by step guide on joining the meanies of the world. OH and its pretty darn funny.

Finally i give you pillows. Why? well if your procrastinating then part of being sucessful in this endeavor is telling yourself you'll finish after a nap ;)


10:49 AM


brief hiatus but now i'll be updating regularly again.

First off, ever said "fuck my life" well .......this person REALLY means it.......and its hard to BEAT them.its still hilarious tho.

Very explicit HILAROIUS comic that i was recently linked to. yet gain you've been warned...the sexual content might bother some......well most i think....maybe u just have to be a perv to think its all hilarous. idk. regardless here it is M3

I can always appreciate witty artwork, makes me sad none of these are Tshirts tho. AledLewis

hahaha Translate anything you want to say into 13yr aol chatspeak. here.

well thats all.

10:32 PM

still sick

:) Hopefully someone out there is enjoy the blog, I'm going to try to set up a counter soon.
Anyway here we go

Earthbound dog tags- In case you get abducted by aliens....they know JUST where to return you.

Damn its on the tip of my tongue! - ever wanted to find out a word, and you sorta know it but it just wont come to you? well this website is going to help you, just put in partial facts about a word and it will give you a list of possible words your thinking of, isn't is it genius!

Gay penguins wanting to adopt- Because its funny, and the poor things just want to be parents.

Nudibranchs - one of my favorite sea creatures. and some of the prettiest things you probably never heard about. Yay for sea slugs woo.

Everyone Loves the Periodic table- How about this one, a periodic table of awesomements
My favorites include Boobs, William Shatner, Bacon, Dragons and Vampires

Well that's it for today, happy night of wandering and procrastinating.

2:57 AM

Can't sleep :/

damn fever.

alright so for those who want to watch tv online but can't find the shows, full episodes, or even OLD shows (remember fraggle rock? ) well i will gift you with the knowledge to view these..... introducing
Not sure how legal it is.......but ......SHHHH.

I want this.

Horror movie survival guide.........if only our favorite stars had this....anyway its extremely long BUT very very funny.

Because there's nothing hotter then a guy who can talk science to me ;)

Because we all just love cute animal pictures > Cuteoverload

haha because Cyanide and happiness is just plain offensively funny. DEAL.

12:03 AM

>.< goddamn flu

tonight I'll get right to it, i think i might have the flu, ugh everything aches :(

Cats and Crack, clearly a great combo.


This is is the find of the century for me. its called CHACHA , its a phone service and website kind of like ask Jeeves, you can text them a question and they'll reply with an answer FOR FREE , i mean you need to have a texting plan on ur phone obviously but if you already txt then yeah its FREE they don't charge AT ALL, i mean its amazing, especially for directions, if your lost and don't have a GPS, just txt them a question about how to get someplace from where u are...I've done it.....it works. so yeah I've always quizzed them on random weird and hard to find info and so far they pass my tests. I give them a 100000 out of ten. no lie, my favorite thing.

OK so i know its happened to everyone, you need lined paper or something and you ran out and all you have is printer paper.....WELL that's where this site comes in, printable lined/graphed etc.etc. paper!! genius totally comes in handy.

I want this......no I'm NOT too old....get over it, its awesome.

I bake, my friends bake, when your in college baking disasters happen as do random cakes made to be random shapes (*cough* I'm looking at you condom cake *cough*) anyway here is a cool and VERY simple dragon cake anyone could make. The site its on is also great, it shows you how to do just about anything.

I'm tempted to post more BUT facebook is calling out to me.....off i go. tootles.